Thursday, 11 December 2014

High Motive set to support vital rail works over holiday season

High Motive are set to support the estimated 11,000 engineers working to improve our rail lines over the busy holiday season.

Network Rail says the upgrades are part of a record-breaking £200m investment programme that begins after the last train runs on Christmas Eve with more than 11,000 engineers will be working across the holidays.The implementation of new platforms, flyovers, junctions and station facilities are expected to make the network more reliable for the new year.

Network Rail's chief executive, Mark Carne, has said: "I know that passengers can be frustrated by disruption, but people appreciate that carrying out this work at a time when the railway is less busy reduces overall disruption."

High Motive will be supporting the rail industry's efforts by supplying crucial safety critical communications and on-site radio engineers through-out the Christmas period.